About Us

When I was 13 I took an interest in longboarding. Mainly because I was terrible at skateboarding! Haha! I quickly fell in love with longboarding and I started to make my own. I still have my first longboard and I still ride it everyday. My other love is painting and sketching, when I was nine my mom and dad were kind enough to get me privately tutored in art which I have continued until today. Naturally two of my favourite hobbies have been joined together to create what we call Northern Board Co. Part of what makes this company special is the art. Passion and hard work has gone into every single longboard. Each longboard has its own unique look and character. In light of all the hard work I would like to thank everyone who has supported us on our journey. Especially my wife, Becca, who has faithfully been by my side helping. Becca is also an incredible artist who has put her skills to use in some of the boards you will see.